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Accountant at Work

Support. Comply. Strategize.

Core Values

1. Act with integrity always
2. Approach everything with humility
3. Engage in open communication
4. Work and live with passion
5. Commit to lifelong learning


My name is Tabitha Bogdanov

I started Tab's Bookkeeping Inc in September 2019. Since then the business has grown and my experience in being a small business has been full of challenges, lessons, and rewards. 

Tab’s Bookkeeping, Inc. offers Administrative Management services including bookkeeping, payroll administration, and human resource management. We help small to mid-sized businesses create procedures and processes that support their Operations Management to maintain compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations.


Our goal is to support, comply, and strategize! We want to thank you for being the best part of Tab’s Bookkeeping, Inc.


Contact Us

55 Shaw Avenue Ste. 209, Clovis, CA, USA

(559) 314-1090

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